Our Mission and Goals


We will use our strengths, gifts and knowledge to improve the lives of other people.


TriStar has chosen to remain one of the few retirement plan consulting and administration firms who does not sell investment products.  We feel that this enhances our ability to serve our clients’ needs impartially.  TriStar administrators are familiar with a variety of situations and have the skills, technical knowledge,  and the experience needed to guide our clients to the perfect solution for them. Our clients have come to appreciate our complete independence and rely upon it.


TriStar Pension Consulting is a well-established, progressive and innovative compliance consulting firm. Our goal is to provide the highest quality retirement plan administration and consulting services to our clients while creating an atmosphere that promotes the individual growth of our staff and acknowledges the importance of their families.


We recognize that our firm’s most valuable asset is our staff and we encourage their innovation, imagination and creativity. We will, with the proper molding of our staff and treatment of our clients, maintain consistent growth and profitability. We will reinvest our profits in the professional growth of our staff in order to ensure that our mission of individual and firm development will be fulfilled. As part of their personal growth, we encourage each firm member to participate in our community. It is our belief that we should return to our community a portion of the riches it provides to us.


TriStar was formed in 1999 as Shannon Edwards set out to start her own business. Shannon recognized a growing need in an overlooked market; retirement plan consulting and administration. Not only did Shannon see the need for more plan administrators, retirement was something she felt very passionately about.  

After graduating college, Shannon worked for a certified public accounting firm where her department grew from 10 clients to 150 under her management.  After 7 years at the CPA firm, She went on to purchase the department she managed. 


We further recognize that our clients are the purpose of our business. We depend on them for our existence. Our clients are both individuals and businesses that come to us with a need. It is our job to satisfy that need. They deserve the most courteous and professional service that we can provide them, for it is their continued patronage that sustains our firm.


With these principles in mind, we will help our clients achieve a dignified retirement for themselves and their participants.