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We understand that everyone’s road to retirement is unique. We believe that it is our responsibility to use our gifts, our talents and our knowledge to improve the lives of others. Because of this belief, TriStar will help navigate your unique journey.

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“We feel very fortunate that we have found such an upstanding company and look forward to working with them for years to come.”

Jamie, Dental Lodge

"I want to thank everyone for your support, especially Shannon from Tristar, she was with me through the whole process. My appreciation for Tristar as our compliance “warrior” has continued to grow. THANK YOU for the great work you have done."

JinJing Tu, Keybridge Technologies

"Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your clients. I am looking forward to a prosperous relationship with TriStar."

Nicholas G. Farha, Farha Law, PLLC

"You are the best. Thanks so much for the quick response!"

Betsy Stockard-McGirt Lakeside Oral Surgery
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We’ll take you down a road that maximizes benefits, reduces plan costs, and maintains the direction of the business.

Clients served range in size from 1 participant to 5,000

Our oldest clients have been with us since 1994

20+ Years in business


office chairs line up in a row

The Staffing Crisis

April 21, 2023

At a time of growth, the retirement industry is beset by rising salaries, candidate shortages and job-hopping. What are industry execs doing to combat the current crisis in hiring and retention?

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an open book with an illustration of ideas coming out of it

Plan Amendment Best Practices

April 21, 2023

Have a recipe for success and follow it. Here are some helpful tips.

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a hard hat sitting next to a calculator and building blueprints

If You Build It, They Will Come

April 21, 2023

Marketing yourself as an extension of an advisor’s practice leads to greater success. Here are some ways to up your game.

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