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"TriStar's team is a great resource for their clients. Their passion to go the extra mile to service clients is evident in their direct & up-front communication. They provide various services which help ease the burden during plan set-up that continues into operation of the plan and even into audit support. Shannon's passion for client service is demonstrated through her direct involvement with her clients. She is abreast of ERISA complexities and regulations. TriStar's service during an audit includes an analysis of contributions on a by-employee basis to ensure that all participants receive the appropriate amounts, interpretation and training on plan provisions and distribution support. TriStar's team is available to walk a client through the complexities of setting up a plan, ensuring compliance with ERISA and DOL regulations, and navigating an audit. Their team is available to fully support a client throughout the audit process by aiding with document requests that may be deferred to the client if a local TPA is not engaged."

Amber Tyler, CPA Audit Partner Eide Bailly
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We know you and your clients need to see the numbers that result in maximum tax deductions. Good news: we love numbers. Add TriStar to your team as a partner in servicing your clients. We help you uncover tax deductions, stay current on retirement plans and regulations, and present an accurate financial picture to your clients.

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We fix broken retirement plans

It is not uncommon for an error to occur in a retirement plan. The good news is that TriStar specializes in fixing broken plans. We identify the solution using the available correction paths for the lowest cost
possible. We prepare the necessary calculations, and see the correction through to the end. We make
traveling the road to a clean plan as easy and smooth as possible.

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