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Our team makes it easy for you to grow your book of business

Compliance and Regulation Changes Can Slow You Down

Your Secret Weapon

We provide a powerful strategy to help you craft a winning sales presentation.

Consultant On Call

Having a plan administrator on your team means you can provide your client with an optimized solution.

Dive Into The Details

An experienced plan administrator works daily in this space and can anticipate your client’s questions.

Advisor Testimonials

"We have really enjoyed our time working with TriStar Pension over the past few years. Shannon and her team's expertise is unmatched, and they have helped us serve our clients at the highest level. They get to know our clients and truly become an extension of our advisory team. We haven't experienced that same level of service from a bundled provider. Therefore, we solely prefer working with an independent TPA versus a bundled product."

Michael Wojtek, CFP, CPFA

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management


Walk confidently into your next meeting because you have TriStar on your team.

Build your team with an expert in 401(k) plans

Give yourself a competitive edge by adding a plan administrator to your team. We complement your understanding of the client’s business and bring to the table up-to-date regulatory details. Let’s work together to craft the best plan for your client.

Add 401(k) plan expertise to your business in 3 steps


Email to find the right plan for your clients


Present a well managed plan to clients


Build your practice

We fix broken retirement plans


Business owners want to provide a retirement option for their employees, but they shouldn’t get bogged down in the administrative details. A letter from the IRS about a problem with your plan shouldn’t keep you or your client up at night. Maximize your contributions and tax benefits with a company that truly understands your business.

401kGrabNGo Is the 401(k) Business Building Information Advisors Need When They Need It.

The 401kGrabNGo program has been built to support the 401(k) business development of Advisors that react to 401(k) opportunities. This program is provided with establishing a partnership with Tri-Star.