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TriStar Pension Consulting Releases New Website

TriStar Pension Consulting is excited to announce the release of our new website. We’ve been in business for over 15 years and this is the first major update our website has seen during that time.  An aesthetically appealing modern design with improved navigation was at the forefront of the project.  The new TriStar site encapsulates form and function while still providing access to secure client portals and our bi-monthly newsletters.

In addition to having a pleasant-looking website, we also wanted to provide really interesting articles and resources for users such as; a deadline checklist for plan sponsors, FAQ’s for Employees, and a blog element which features rich content. The old site had a lot of information about retirement plans but it was difficult to navigate and even harder to comprehend.

We’ve split the navigation menu up into 3 distinct categories: Employers, Employees, and Financial Advisors.  This arrangement should be more straightforward in providing relevant articles to various users.  We are still working to build our digital library and we encourage everyone to check back frequently as we continue to expand our resources.

We hope this new site will be well received and encourage an increase in saving for retirement.  We invite all users to comment below with their feedback on the new website.

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