Superhighway Robbery

Have you ever been robbed? Recently, my husband and I were traveling with another couple. It had been a long trying day of traveling. We spent hours stranded in an airport, waiting on the weather to clear. Once we could finally take off, we had missed our connecting flight to our destination. We had to divert our trip to another airport, which was two hours from our destination. After arriving, we spent two hours trying to locate our luggage and get a rental car to drive to our destination. We were finally close. We had a rental car with all our luggage in the back. We stopped about halfway to our resort for dinner. It was an extremely high-end shopping center. We parked right in front of a very busy restaurant, about 10 feet from the front door. It was well lit, and there were people coming and going in and out of the restaurant. We went inside, ate, and celebrated the fact that we had finally made it and our long day was almost over. We were only in the restaurant for about an hour. When we came out, our rental car windows had been smashed. All our carry-on luggage was gone. Our electronics, my work computer, cash, and several pieces of jewelry my husband had given me had been taken. After the shock of the situation wore off, an overwhelming sense of violation, sadness, and disappointment came over all of us.

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