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7 TPA Super Powers to the Rescue

Taking on a 401(k) or another retirement plan for yourself or your employees is a major responsibility. Keep a super-powered TPA by your side to lighten the load and keep you out of harm’s way!

In short, Compliance Consultants, or Third Party Administrators, work with business owners, their financial advisors, and CPAs to setup and properly maintain qualified retirement plans for businesses of all shapes and sizes. They will oversee the administration of the plan, and help you ensure it remains in compliance with government regulations.

TPA Services:

  • Customized Plan Design

  • Plan Restoration

  • Annual Compliance Consulting

  • Government Representation

  • Audit Support

  • Loan and Distribution Processing

  • Protection of Your Plan’s Qualified Status

Need a TPA Hero in your life? Ask your financial advisor for recommendations, or contact us!

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