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5 Apps for Advisors

A new generation is emerging in the savings and investing world, and with them comes new requirements for communicating, and grabbing their attention. Phone calls and emails remain the most reliable way to reach out to existing clients, for now. However, with Millennials quickly becoming the majority of today’s work force, advisors may need to change their communication strategy.

Many Millennials believe their relationship with technology is what sets them apart from other generations, especially in the work place. Digital literacy and innovation are high priorities for Millennials, and keeping up with the latest trends in new technology is what they expect from the services they subscribe to.

If you can’t keep up, you’ll fall behind. Try implementing these apps to not only increase your communications, but also to help you better manage your busy schedule.


Social media is pivotal in business success, outreach and to gaining Millennial attention. Twitter provides a platform for insightful education and easy outreach, in just 140 characters. However, with the expectation of multiple tweets a day comes the necessity for useful, easy to digest content. Images, tips, questions, links to lists and other articles that your audience will find useful have a high click rate.

Linked In

Linked In isn’t just great for advisors, but for any professional looking to build their network and attract new prospects. Linked In combines social and professional networking and is designed specifically for driving sales and connecting with potential business.


If you’re not already available for online appointments and webinars, now is the time to start. JoinMe is a free, screen sharing and video conferencing application, available on desktop or mobile. Set up an appointment with a current or future client and meet with them on the go.


Dropbox is an affordable file sharing and storage system, built around cloud-based storage. If you require a bulk of information from your clients, many times it takes multiple emails to share all the necessary information. With Drop Box, simply invite your clients to upload their files to the folder you create for them. Plus, your first 2 gigs of storage are free!

Time Trade

Avoid back and forth over when to schedule an appointment and allow your customers to see your availabilities, then select an online (Join Me), over the phone or in person appointment with you.

Bonus: Apps for you or your clients: EvernoteMint

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