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2021 | Spring Newsletter

In this edition, we explore the various players involved with retirement plan administration, mergers and acquisitions and their effect on retirement plans, and the newly issued guidance from the DOL on cybersecurity.

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Retirement Planning is a Team Sport - Spring 2021 Newsletter
The MEP/PEP Debate: Are We Better Together?
February - 2021
Annual Data Collection - Pandemic Edition
December - 2020
Electronic Delivery Could Save Billions - Summer 2020 Newsletter
July 2020
Understanding The CARES Act
April - 2020
A Look Inside the Average 401(k) Plan
3rd Quater – 2018
2018 Retirement Trends to Watch
2nd Quarter – 2018
Overcoming the Lag in Womens’ Retirement Savings
1st Quarter – 2018
Enthusiasm & Trust High for 401(k) Plans
4th Quarter – 2017
Confidence Levels Highest Among Retirees, Workers with Retirement Plans
3rd Quarter – 2017
Retirement Plan Rx
June 2017
Benefit Communications in an Electronic World
April 2017
Dealing with Uncashed Distribution Checks & Missing Participants
February 2017
Rules and Taxation of 401(k) Plan Distributions
December 2016
Keeping Abreast of Plan Loan Rules
October 2016
DOL Issues New Fiduciary Ruling
August 2016
Fun with Forfeitures
June 2016
A Fresh Look at Your Form 5500 Filing
April 2016
Part-Time Employees in 401(k) Plans
February 2016
2017: A Good Year for Participants
4th Quarter – 2018
Determining Retirement Plan Compensation
December 2015
A Plan Fiduciary’s Responsibilities
November 2015
The IRS is Back with Some Brand New Corrections
August 2015
The Best Plan to Drive Your Retirement Needs
June 2015
Automatic Enrollment in 401(k) Plans
April 2015
Timing is Everything
February 2015
Year-End Compliance Testing
December 2014
Hardship Distributions from 401k Plans
October 2014
The Ultimate Plan Sponsor Checklist
August 2014
Ready or Not, Here it Comes..PPA Restatements
June 2014
The Continuing Evolution of the Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan
April 2014
Boomerang Employees Rehires and Retirement Plans
February 2014
Down with DOMA
December 2013
How Do You Spell Relief E-P-C-R-S
October 2013
Cross-Testing The Right Tool for Many Jobs
August 2013
Under Control or Out of Control
June 2013
When Good Loans Go Bad
April 2013
The IRS Meets Letterman
December 2012
How to Survive a Visit From the IRS or DOL
October 2012
Top Heavy Impact on 401(k) Plans
August 2012
Fiduciary Fact or Fiction
June 2012
The Final Fee Disclosure Regulations Have Arrived
April 2012
At Your Service
February 2012
Increasing 401k Plan Participation
December 2011
Participant Fee Disclosure Requirements for Individual Account Plans
October 2011
Should They Stay or Should They Go Dealing with Terminated Participants
August 2011
Fiduciary Liability for Participant Direct Plans
June 2011
Don’t Let the QDRO be Worse Than the Marriage
April 2011
Do You Know Who Your Employees Are
February 2011
Plan Year End To Do List
December 2010
Record Retention
October 2010
Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan Offers Many Advantages
August 2010
Roth 401(k) FAQs
June 2010
When Should the Check be in the Mail
April 2010
Participants are on a Need to Know Basis and they Need to Know
February 2010
Mandatory Electronic Filing Applies to Form 5500 Soon!
December 2009
Voluntary Corrections for Qualified Plans
October 2009
Plan Distributions Are on the Rise
August 2009
ERISA Fiduciary Responsibilities
June 2009
Payment Options for Plan Expenses
February 2009
The Hidden Pension Trap
December 2008
EGTRRA Restatements the Time Has Come
August 2008
Solving 401(k) Testing Problems with New Design Options
June 2008
Top Heavy Rules May Impact Plan Design
April 2008
The Impact of the Pension Protection Act on Defined Benefit Plans
March 2008
Default Investment Rules Facilitate Auto Enrollment
December 2007
Keeping Abreast of Plan Limitations
August 2007
Compensation Definitions and Applications
October 2007
Keeping Up With Form 5500 Requirements
June 2007
The Prudent 401(k) Fiduciary
April 2007
Plan Compliance Update for 2007
February 2007
Participant Cruise Control Automatic Enrollment
December 2006
Retirement Plan Coverage for Part Time Employees
August 2006
Hardship Distributions Provide Valuable Option
June 2006
Military Leave Rules for Retirement Plans
April 2006
Responsibilities of a Plan Sponsor
February 2006
A Primer on Qualified Plan Document Maintenance
December 2005
The Plain Truth about “Simple” Retirement Plans
October 2005
New Retirement Plan Options Coming in 2006 The Roth 401(k)!
August 2005
Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans Provide Smooth Sailing
June 2005
Guide to Distributions from 401(k) Plans
April 2005
IRS Issues Final 401(k) Regulations
February 2005
DOL Provides Guidance for Auto Rollers and Lost Participants
December 2004
Participant-Direct Account Liability
October 2004
Keeping Plan Records
August 2004
Dividing Retirement Benefits in Divorce
June 2004
Choosing the Right Plan
April 2004
Keeping Plans in Compliance
February 2004
New Comparability after EGTRRA
December 2003
Pension Protection Act of 2006 Reinforces Private Pension System
October 2006
Understanding 401(k) ADP and ACP testing
February 2008
Timely Deposit of Plan Contributions
October 2008
Layoffs Can Result in a Partial Plan Termination Requiring 100% Vesting
April 2009