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Top 5 Blog Posts

December 29, 2017

Rewind with us as we reminisce about 2017 and look back at our top-performing blog posts of all time! With 2018 approaching, we’re...

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401(k) Plan Administration Pitfalls

January 29, 2018

Business Owners often weigh the pros and cons of offering many types of employee benefits, from health care coverage to weekly lunches....

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Compliance and Administrative Deadlines to Remember

February 1, 2018

If you’re like us, your world revolves around deadlines. We decided to make it easier on ourselves (and you) by adding them all in this...

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Tibble vs. Edison: Next Steps for Plan Sponsors, Part 2

April 24, 2018

Over 10 years after the initial filing of the Tibble vs. Edison suit, a new ruling has emerged. In 2015, we wrote a blog post about what...

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Late or Missing Deposits

August 29, 2018

Timing is everything. You’ve no doubt heard this phrase, but it holds especially true when it comes to depositing employee deferrals into...

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Bundled or Unbundled: That Is the Question

September 26, 2018

Employers have a choice when building their company retirement plan and choosing service providers who will help them manage the plan. ...

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The 4 Ws (of Census Collection)

December 31, 2020

Now that the busy holiday season is over, it’s time to focus on getting in shape – and that includes your retirement plan! How does the...

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Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans

June 1, 2021

Adding Safe Harbor provisions is a simple and popular option for plan sponsors, and we revisit the benefits of adding a Safe Harbor...

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